Here are the Top 5 companies I willingly give money to, ranked by how against my values it is to do so, counted down from “terribly” to “most unconscionably.”

~ #5 eBay/PayPal ~ #4 Google ~ #3 Facebook ~ #2 Amazon ~ #1 Factory Farming Monopolies

I’ll also rank them by “hardest to break from.”

eBay/PayPal is an example of a company that’s never done one good thing in its entire existence because it just stumbled into being the only game in town at what it does. I have no patience for a company with this much power to make the web better and more valuable to others but refuses to make even a 2% effort. Disgusting.

Google is an example of a company does much of its job very well, but they picked exactly the wrong job, becoming an advertising and mass surveillance company when they could have actually usefully indexed the world’s information for use/reuse and the advancement of humanity. A heartbreaking missed opportunity.

Facebook is a combination of the absolute worst of eBay/PayPal and Google. They’ve both never made a single attempt to do something good, ever, and they started their whole business with the singular purpose of mass surveillance and destroying anything good that anyone ELSE might want to do along the way. They are abominable.

Amazon’s endgame is the full monopolization of everything. They are an incredibly efficient, Borg-like machine who cannot be stopped. We cower and wait for the day they finally subsume all resources, labor, and human culture and happiness into the gaping abyss of their unquenchable maw.

And finally, the collection of Factory Farming Monopolies that own all of big agriculture. They needlessly torture animals 24 hours a day. I think it’s probably the worst thing we all allow to go on (and in my case, pay to support 🤦‍♂️) with near unanimity.

The worst part of the Factory Farming Monopolies is I think it would actually be the easiest to give up direct support to.

So in order from least difficult to most difficult to break from completely, here are the same five:

~ #5 Factory Farming Monopolies ~ #4 eBay/PayPal ~ #3 Facebook ~ #2 Google ~ #1 Amazon

So the worst actor is the “easiest” (still hard) to break from.

I’d be very curious about others’ feelings about this subject, both my lists and their own.

I’ll do another thread specifically about why I rank them this way on degree of difficulty.