I think that, on some level, these daily posts I’ve been writing for the past 135 days and the weekly Personal Email Newsletter (PEN) that I’ve been sending for 40 weeks are just a low key way of reaching out.

Believe it or not, I really don’t want to bother anybody. A very high priority in my life is not to bother anyone or God forbid ask them to do anything.

But let’s be real, this culture’s getting lonely out here and sometimes I just need to reach out.


By publishing something small every day, I’ve “invited” other people to say hey back, but only if they want to. The last thing I want to do is bother anybody. I know they’re busy. They don’t need another source of obligation or guilt. I’m not giving them that.

The result of daily publishing is that I’ve met new friends, reconnected with past acquaintances, exchanged loving notes with family and old friends, I mean… It’s been amazing.

Publishing stuff frequently does a lot of different things. I’m finding that any single one of them makes the whole thing worth it.

The fact that publishing is a way of low key reaching out might be the best feature of all.

For the record, I’m generally not a fan of using “low key” to describe everything but it seems to apply well here. By saying hey to everyone at once, and doing it every single day, I’m offering the lowest pressure invitation to say hey back.

And it works!

This last year has been hard. And it’s been harder because it’s been lonely. I miss people (truthfully I missed people before this year, this year has just accentuated it).

This is all I’m saying: I’m down to say hey to y’all whenever, but also I have zero expectations beyond maybe one person reading this in 6 months and saying hey, and that alone makes it all worth it.

It’s perfect, in fact.